Life Changing Programs

Powerful Vision Boarding Support Group

This private group is our Vision Board Support headquarters and a wonderful place for you to ask questions, share your successes, and meet other ambitious change makers.

Leisa and her Community Managers will also be frequenting the Facebook group to make sure your questions get answered…and Leisa will even surprise you sometimes with live Q&A sessions!

This amazing community will help hold you accountable to your vision board goals. 

Success Habits & Stories of Inspiration


We all face obstacles. The issue arises when we the obstacles continue to stand in your way of progress.

The goal of this course is to inspire you to dare to dream. But daring to dream is a first step.  Making a dream a reality is a second step. in the next level of the course, you will learn from the likes of Oprah Winfrey, David Frost, and Steve Jobs about how to turn your dreams into a reality. The goal is to inspire you to take responsibility, take action, recognize opportunity, and much more.

This course is designed to help you move past criticism, take responsibility for your own life, learn how to turn failures into success, and build a life you’ll love.

My hope for you is that you will dream big, passionate dreams. Your dreams. Rather than conforming to the dreams and desires of others, that you’ll learn to chart your own path of joy and happiness, and not let obstacles stand in your way. 

Mobile Vision Board Templates

Take your vision board images with you, where ever you go.  That way you can review your vision board images while waiting at the doctors office, on a work break or when traveling.

You’ll gain access to 10 Canva Vision Board Templates designed for your phone.

Once your images are created transfer them to a folder on your phone and open them up when you get a few minutes so you can keep your dreams up front and center.

Screen Saver Vision Board Templates

Using our Screen Saver Vision Board Templates you’ll put your goals in front of you, yet another way.

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